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About REVITIVE Ultrasound

We believe REVITIVE Ultrasound helps to relieve pain by supporting the healing process to aid tissue repair. Whether it’s gardening, cycling, looking after the kids, going for a long walk or doing a physically demanding job, the ability to move with freedom is vital to your everyday life. We believe REVITIVE Ultrasound may help to support your body’s natural healing process so you can get back to your best.

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Deep Tissue Relief

REVITIVE Ultrasound emits sound waves which penetrate the body. You can set the intensity of your REVITIVE Ultrasound treatment to suit the depth and size of your injury / area of pain.

 REVITIVE Ultrasound diagram

Tailored treatment for you

REVITIVE Ultrasound has 3 intensity levels so that you can tailor the treatment to your needs. The correct intensity level is determined by the depth of your injury and how long you’ve been experiencing pain. A therapy application table is provided to show exactly the time and intensity level you should use with REVITIVE Ultrasound. Depending on your pain, daily use of REVITIVE Ultrasound for as little as 2 minutes may be all you need to get back to your best.

How REVITIVE Ultrasound Works

Water test on REVITIVE Ultrasound

REVITIVE Ultrasound generates high frequency sound vibrations that stimulates the skin’s tissue cells. Stimulating the cells can cause the cell walls to become more permeable, allowing the movement of proteins from the blood into the cell. Proteins are the essential building blocks to help tissue cells repair themselves. In the example of a ligament tear, the application of ultrasound can help speed up production of collagen, a protein found in soft tissue.

Ultimately, REVITIVE Ultrasound helps speed up the healing process by aiding in the transport of essential ions and nutrients to the cell in order to repair the body and relieve pain at the source.

  1. Apply Gel provided
    onto REVITIVE Ultrasound

  2. Select the time and
    intensity level

  3. Move the REVITIVE Ultrasound in a circular motion

  4. Get back to doing
    what you love

Helping Cell Rejuvenation

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  1. Sound Vibrations

    The sound waves emitted by REVITIVE Ultrasound stimulate the tissue and cells beneath the skin.

  2. Rebuilding

    Stimulating the cells in this way encourages better transport of the proteins needed for the repair and rebuilding of tissue.

  3. Back To Your Best

    Increasing the properties required for tissue repair helps relieve pain. Getting you back to your best.

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tick 2 year warranty
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The Triple Guarantee is exclusive to - Try REVITIVE Ultrasound today

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